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With our state-of-the-art technology, we will inspect your sewer drain line(s) to locate exactly where the backup or leak is occurring. Our advanced technology can determine the source of the problem, whether it's waste backup, root intrusion, mineral buildup, aging lines, or cracks in your pipes. You can save thousands of dollars in repair costs if you call our trained professionals today. All of our technicians are trained and certified to fix your sewer or drain problem.

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We Can Find Any Leak and Save You Money

Welcome to Affinity Leak Detection, your leading provider of leak detection solutions. We provide superior leak testing services that have saved hundreds of home and business owners from water damage and costly repairs. We differ from traditional plumbing companies because we detect leaks before any major damage occurs. Affinity Leak Detection employs expertly trained professionals and uses quality equipment to detect leaks. We use non-destructive methods to accurately find leaks and repair or replace the pipe and/or its components.

As an adult, Rennick became a police officer and supplemented his income with plumbing jobs on the side. While working in the plumbing industry, he grew even more convinced of the need for a less invasive procedure to locate leaks. Rennick decided to team up with an expert to develop equipment, which could locate concealed leaks. After much trial and error, they were able to develop extremely sensitive electronic tools equipped with minute microprocessors. From these humble beginnings, the electronic leak detection industry was born in 1974.

Our advanced equipment allows us to detect a leak with high accuracy, without having to destroy your property by digging in the ground or in the wall. Put your trust in Utah's leading leak detection company.

We have Innovative Leak Detection Equipment

We provide leak detection services on

We have Innovative Leak Detection Equipment

The Benefits

No destruction to your home or commercial property– we preserve your landscaping, structures, driveways, sidewalks

Why Us?

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Fixing leaks reduces increasing water loss

Fixing leaks with frequently planned maintenance reduces overtime costs of unscheduled repairs.

Leak repairs offer more treated, pressurized water and decrease chemical costs to treat water.

Leaks have been known to cause destruction to nearby roads, other infrastructure, and sometimes dwellings. Some water utilities perform regular leak detection and repair programs near geologic areas to decrease their lawful liability against costly lawsuits. Leak detection and repair improves community relations. The community appreciates seeing that its water systems are being maintained.

How can I verify if there are leaks at my residence or company?

Answer: Leaks from the pipes going to the structure or inside the structure lose water delivered through the utility meter and water service lines. There is one way to check if leaks exist inside the building:


Fix leaking fixtures. Such as faucets, showers, toilets, etc. Shut off all the water using appliances (including the spas, water heaters, water softener, etc.) Look at the water meter. On the dial of many water meters is a small triangle, which rotates if any water passes through the meter. If this device is spinning, then water is flowing to an appliance or a leak.

You can also listen for the sound of leaks at the water meter or at an outside hose bib.


Our Promise

All leak specialists are drug-free

We will show you and your home respect

We will tidy up before we leave

  • Brandon Ross
    I had a slab leak in a wall with new custom cabinets on both sides! We were expecting the worst! We called the contractor who recommended a leak specialist. We thought of calling a plumber, but didn't realize a leak specialist existed. We found Affinity Leak Detection and Andy came right out. Our leak was luckily behind our very easily movable refrigerator. We lucked out and Andy was fabulous. So very nice and well priced. We're grateful and appreciative. We recommend him highly. His company name is apt. He has a amazing tool that took him right to the leak. Very interesting. Many thanks!
    Brandon Ross
  • Katarina Johnes
    Arrived home from a 2 week vacation to find my wood floors buckling in my closet and bedroom. And I found Affinity Leak Detection company. Andy showed up quickly, found the leak almost immediately and walked me through the maze of what to do next. Its really overwhelming when you don’t know where to start but Andy was so calm and professional in his advice and spent as much time as i needed to help me to understand the next steps. And then 2 weeks later I noticed a spot in a completely different location that I thought might be a problem and once again, although sadly it was in fact another leak, Andy was there to save the day. Affinity Leak Detection and Andy are the best!
    Katarina Johnes

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