Plumbing Services

Plumbing leaks can be extremely expensive and time consuming to repair. Most plumbing companies have to tear up your property and landscaping to even find where the leak is coming from. Not us. We use cutting-edge technology that allows us to locate plumbing leaks with accuracy without having to dig up your property. Our advanced technology finds where the leak is coming from, whether it’s in the ground or in the walls, so that we don’t have to tear up your entire plumbing system.

We are dedicated to providing superior service at affordable prices. We are the #1 leak detection specialists and have the experience, training and knowledge to fix your plumbing leak. Click here to contact us.


Water heater repair

Your water heater is one of the most important components of your home’s plumbing system. When you experience a problem with your water heater that requires professional repair service call the experts at Affinity Leak Detection company. We have extensive training, experience and certifications so you can be confident in the services that we provide. Don’t trust your water heater and your comfort to inexperienced, unqualified service technicians. Call today to get the water heater repair service you need. The bottom line is that your water heater is only as dependable as the technicians you allow to service it. When you call us to handle your water heater repair services you are guaranteed to be dealing with highly trained, skilled and certified plumbers. Your water heater is too important to the comfort and convenience of your home to settle for anything less. Call Affinity Leak Detection company today to speak with an expert from our company about your water heater repair service needs. The best way to keep your water heater operating efficiently and effectively is with regular, professional maintenance. This is also the best way to keep the need for water heater repair service to a minimum. Even with regular maintenance service, though, your water heater will likely experience some problem during its lifespan that will require professional repair service. When this happens there are two thing you can do to ensure that there is as minimal damage to your water heater – and budget – as possible. First, you must call to schedule repair service as soon as you are aware of the problem. Secondly you must be sure that the service provider you contact to handle your water heater repairs is qualified and dependable. That means call Affinity Leak Detection company. Before you can call to schedule repair service, though, you must know what to look for in identifying a problem.


Broken pipes repair

If you’re faced with a broken pipe, your first call of action should be to try to shut off the water flow from the source. This will help contain some of the damage. Call our emergency plumbing services and we’ll take care of the rest! We provide emergency plumbing services 24/7/365. We respond quickly to any plumbing emergencies and our expert technicians will be at your doorstep as soon as possible. The ensuing damage caused by a broken pipe in your home can be significantly disastrous. Imagine a tap being left on with the water gushing directly onto the floor! Just think of the vast damage that can occur if the pipes burst while you’ve left for work in the morning only to return in the evening to find your home a watery mess. Not only will it be a costly repair, it will also mean losing some of your personal belongings. While the most common cause of broken pipes is cold weather, also most burst pipes are a result of gradual wear and tear. Without routine inspections, you may have no idea when the calamity could spring up on you. Whether you have a broken water pipe or a sewer line in dire need of repair, or just require a regular maintenance check, Affinity Leak Detection company caters to it all! Our expert plumbers have all the necessary training and experience to take care of any job, no matter how small or serious. Our emergency plumbing services are one of the best in the area. We understand how unsettling it can be knowing your home requires re-piping, which is a considerable investment. For that very reason, we make sure to provide first-rate communication throughout the entire process and provide nothing but quality service.


Sewer clogged line

Sewer problems aren't always that obvious. But if you are experiencing issues with more than one drain clogged in your home or your toilets aren't flushing like they should be, then you may need sewer cleaning services that detected and corrected your issues ASAP. If you're dealing with a clogged sewer line, you have no time to waste. Contact Affinity Leak Detection company's sewer repair experts immediately. Whether you have you're experiencing a clogged sewer line or in need of a complete sewer line replacement, rest assured we have the proper equipment and skill necessary to keep things flowing. We also use processes that minimize disruptions to your life and house as much as possible. A sewer line replacement might sound like an overwhelming and costly project. Thankfully our expert sewer pipe repair specialists can fix your resorting to a complete replacement. Oftentimes, clogged sewer lines are resolved once they have been cleaned by our crew. Due to the nature of our sewer cleaning services, we are able to successfully restore optimal flow over 90% of the time! Don't be sidelined by potentially dangerous and messy sewer problems. Instead, call on Affinity Leak Detection company to take care of any sewer cleaning or plumbing repair services that needs to be done. Contact us today to request service. Don’t wait a moment longer to call on the team at Affinity Leak Detection company! We fix cracked, broken, deformed, and collapsed sewer pipes in a fast and efficient manner. While it may be easy to tell a serious sewer pipe problem has happened in some cases, other cases may not be so obvious. The plumbing and sewer line repair experts at Affinity Leak Detection company can assess your sewer pipe cracks and damage. Affinity Leak Detection company wants to take steps to avoid sewer line replacement at all costs. While your property layout and sewer system are unique, there may be basic issues that we can address.

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