One Hole Leak Guarantee

At Affinity Leak Detection, we understand how frustrating having a sprinkler leak can be. If the leak is not caught soon enough, it can cause some serious damage to your home, trees, grass and your wallet. That is why we created "The Hole Guarantee" to protect you. This guarantee applies to holes in sprinkler system piping such as PVC or other types of irrigation pipe that runs underground. If we can't find a single leak so only one hole that needs to be dug to fix the problem, then our leak detection services is free. If there is more than one leak then you will end up with more than one hole. But if there is only one leak, then there will only be one hole or you don't pay. It's as simple at that.

Hermosa Beach
Leaking systems often are easy to get to – but sometimes they occur underground or in other difficult places that can make determining the extent of your leak a challenge. Fortunately, the leak detection team at our company are experts at sourcing and deciphering the extent of leaking systems underground. The most common signals that you have an underground leaking system are water bubbles within the soil or a persistent dampened area that seeps (liquid) from underneath. It wasn’t long ago that these situations called for a shovel or tractor to help dig down to the failing line and replace any damaged piping with little to no regard for the impact that the work had on the property. Fortunately, the technology of detecting leaks and repairing failing systems has gotten much more sophisticated in recent years! Different leaks require different detection methods. With our advanced cutting-edge techniques, and years of experience, Affinity Leak Detection company can be trusted to diagnose your leaking problem. It has been said that leak detection is half art and half science. The most modern, state-of-the- art imaging equipment can only be used successfully when there is a technician trained and experienced in interpreting the readings. Our company employs highly trained technicians that stay current with technology and work daily to keep their abilities sharp. Another reason that we are set apart as your number one leak investigation company. Are you experiencing signs of a leaking pipe system like increased water bills, water noises running in your walls or a hot spot in your flooring? Or worse yet, are you ignoring these critical signs?

Slab leaks are typically pinhole leaks that occur within or underneath your foundation as the concrete begins to deteriorate. This may not sound like much more than a nuisance, but these pinhole leaks can evolve; water pushes toward the path of least resistance leading to foundation cracks, water discoloration, warped flooring, mildewed carpet and various other types of expensive damage. Cal us and we will come immediately!
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