Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks can be extremely expensive and time consuming to repair. Most plumbing companies have to tear up your property and landscaping to even find where the leak is coming from. Not us. We use cutting-edge technology that allows us to locate plumbing leaks with accuracy without having to dig up your property. Our advanced technology finds where the leak is coming from, whether it’s in the ground or in the walls, so that we don’t have to tear up your entire plumbing system.

We are dedicated to providing superior service at affordable prices. We are the #1 leak detection specialists and have the experience, training and knowledge to fix your plumbing leak. Click here to contact us.

Hermosa Beach
Water pipe leaks are an increasing cause of homeowner insurance claims today thanks to continuous usage of aging systems. Corrosion that takes hold in your water systems can lead to systemic damage, cracking, pipe bursts and eventually flooding. Getting to these leaks in their infancy is crucial if you’re to minimize the structural and financial impact water leaks can cause.

Our techs are water system experts capable of finding leaking components throughout your property’s systems. We use a variety of testing processes including odor detection, visual inspections, thermal imaging of walls, foundations and more, to identify degraded piping elements. We can even detect water main leaks that may be impacting the water supply throughout your entire piping system. Call us for an estimate for your leaking water system – most repairs can be completed the same day!

The average home uses about 400 gallons of water a day. From washing the dishes to flushing the toilet to taking a shower, your home has an intricate plumbing system that handles it all. When a leak occurs, it is imperative that you address the issue immediately. Turn to our skilled leak repair specialists at Affinity Leak Detection company. We provide comprehensive repairs to protect your home from water damage or wasted money. If you notice cracks in your foundation, random wet spots around your home, or other signs of leaking pipes, call us. Our professionals offer customized repair services for all your home plumbing needs!

You can trust our company to expertly detect any leaks in your plumbing. While some may not think it necessary to hire an expert just to detect dripping water, leaks can be so significantly small plumbers have to use ultrasonic equipment to find exactly where the water is escaping. Home owners can trust us to find any home water leak.
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