Why Us?

If you suspect a leak in your property before you try any costly repairs you should contact our leak detection experts from Affinity Leak Detection company. Our company deals with all types of water leak detection and leaking pipe detection. A water leak such as a tap leak, a shower water leak, a toilet water leak or a bathroom pipe leak no on a day to day basis, from minor issues like taps leaking to major issues like a burst pipe or broken water pipes. To carry out burst pipe leak detection, Affinity Leak Detection has specialist leak and break locating equipment for locating leaking or burst water mains and pipes without lengthy guesswork. That means our company can find the problem and carry out repairs without the needless destruction of existing working pipes. In many cases locating and fixing a leaking water pipe or a burst water pipe can be done right away and save you money. Affinity Leak Detection is one of the longest established water leak detection company. We have technicians trained and solely focused on residential and commercial water leak detection, allowing us to excel in our field, being the most experienced company with a proven track record and large clientele, specializing in the location of leaks in underground water pipes. Affinity Leak Detection not just locates the water leaks only, we also will do the repairs you needed. Our leak detection specialists are experts at finding leaks in walls, ceilings and in slabs. Using the latest leak detection equipment we will locate all the leaks in your home or business without damaging your property. We use electronic leak detection for locating leaks on underground water lines. Water leaks can result in mold, water damage, structural damage, and odors. High utility bills are usually a good indication that you might have an underground leak. It is imperative to have a professional, licensed leak detection specialist to assess the damage and locate the leak so it does not end up in costly repairs. Think you may have a leak but you can’t seem to find a sign of moisture anywhere? Is your water bill higher than normal and you can’t figure out why? Or are you finding water spots that are not around any visible leaking pipes? Most likely, you have a water leak that is in a hidden area. Finding it could be costly. Before you cut into walls or break up concrete, give us company a call. We have better solutions.

Leak Detection Technology

SeCorrPhon AC 06- When a leak occurs, it emits noise. The SeCorrPhon AC 06 quickly picks up the noise vibration with the use of a test rod that helps to identify the general area of the leak.

Ground microphone- A ground microphone is used to pinpoint exactly where the noise, or vibration, is coming from.

Other leak detection companies can cause serious damage to:

  • Landscaping
  • Sidewalk
  • Driveway
  • Porch
  • Walls

Our "no dig" methods are the most cost-efficient and time-saving solution to find a plumbing leak.

The benefits of our "no dig" method:

  • Cleaner
  • Faster
  • Healthier for the environment
  • Permanent Solution

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